What are your goals for the New DEEL conference?

We are almost ready to open the 3rd New DEEL conference and we are anticipating a great experience. People are coming from overseas and from across the US to join us at Temple starting on Thursday evening.

One new dimension of the New DEEL is this blog and we want to start using it even before we officially launch it at the conference. So, the first thing we want to know is this:
What are your own goals for the New DEEL conference? What are you hoping to contribute and what are you hoping to get out of our time together?

Please share your comments.

Thanks so much for contributing to the New DEEL Blog!


7 responses to “What are your goals for the New DEEL conference?

  1. Hello All,

    My goals for the New DEEL Conference are three-fold: 1) I would like to have dialogues with old and new New DEElers about the problems facing our world today; 2) I would like to discuss with participants about what the New DEEL can do to help in the realm of education in these turbulent times; and 3) I would like to walk away from the conference with the feeling that I am not alone – – that there is an active group of educators ready to offer suggestions and develop outlets for ideas leading to a better education for our children and our grandchildren!

    Are these goals too much to ask???? I hope not!

    Looking forward to seeing all of you very soon.

    Best wishes,

  2. Hi Everyone,
    My goal for the conference is to build our New DEEL community by connecting again with old friends and meeting many new ones. Together we need to see the progress we have already made on our 6 New DEEL projects and to take our work to the next level by identifying specific changes we want to see in our world’s schools.
    For instance, I would like us to insist on having a seat at the table during coming national debates on the future of NCLB.

    Oddly, the current economic crisis opens up some powerful opportunities for us to make a difference (a case of turbulence working in our favor I guess). My hope for us is that we take advantage of that possibility.

    I can’t tell you how happy I am to see so many of you soon!

    Steve Gross

  3. Regretfully, I am unable to join you all this year and was wondering how I would keep up with your activities during the conference. The blog is an excellent idea as it will enable me to keep abreast of current thought as the New DEEL extends its wings of influence.

    Are there any plans for presentations etc at UCEA?

    If I could receive periodic emails to remind me of the New DEEL blog it would be most helpful.

    Best Wishes

  4. Like Val, I’m unable to join the 3rd annual conference, but we have representation from the University of Oklahoma who will be in attendance and presenting work. Thank you Joan and Steve for yet another way to discourse about important issues related to the DE agenda! I’m looking forward to hearing about the conference and some of the very interesting topic listed in the program! Also, I hope to see the correspondence (letter) that was sent to the President published somewhere in New DEEL proceedings. Cheers, Bill

  5. I am looking forward to connecting with old friends and meeting new colleagues. I also an looking forward to introducing/re-introducing students to this amazing network. I always get something out of this meeting that I did not expect, so I look forward to what that will be this year!

  6. Kristina Corey Legge

    I am excited to see many old friends, meet new friends and put names with faces for some first-time attendees at this 3rd Annual New DEEL Conference!

    In addition to this, I am excited to hear the thoughts of others in both K-12 and Higher Education on how to, for the lack of a better description, FIX THINGS!

    I am no longer interested in hearing the “blame game” and, in being involved in higher education, I am not happy hearing colleagues blame the high school for “unprepared or under-prepared students”. During my years as a middle school teacher, I was not happy hearing colleagues blame the elementary school!

    I am interested in hearing thoughts and ideas that include ownership and responsibility for OUR students – our children – our grandchildren- our country! In other words, “What Can I DO!” to make a difference?!

    I am sincerely looking forward to meeting with you all and hearing all of the wonderful ideas, presentations and informal conversations! This is the highlight of my month!

  7. I very much enjoyed the opportunity to meet so many of you during this week’s conference at Temple University. It was refreshing to be able to benefit from international perspectives, that can be so often overlooked when in ‘navel gazing’ mode. I am sorry I wasn’t able to hear Michael Dantley speak on ‘prophetic pragmatism,’ but got a great deal out of Steven Gross and Michelle Young’s discussion of the contemporary politics of ‘educational leadership.’ You may be interested to read some of my further after-conference thoughts on the Disability Studies, Temple U. blog: link

    Thanks! Mike

    P.S.: for those of you who want to follow the posts and discussions here, I suggest that you consider using an RSS reader such as Bloglines to follow your favorite blogs. Let the New DEEL blog be your first, but not your last!

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